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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Q: How many people does one of your pre-made meals feed?
A: Our meals contain 3 full portions, so we say they feed 3 people. Of course some people eat more than others (*cough* teenagers *cough*) so you will have to do the math based on the particulars of your family. Often 2 adults and 2-3 small children can be sated (<-- word-of-the-day toilet paper) with one pan of food.

  Q: So what all does a pre-made meal include?
A: Generally speaking, our pre-made meals are only the entree, although depending on the meal it might include a package of pasta or rice as well. Some meals are almost stand-alone because they contain a good mixture of food groups. For others you will probably want to add your own sides. The cooking label we put on each meal makes some suggestions for what you might want to add.

  Q: How do I order meals?
A: Our goal is to have our fridge stocked with ALL of our meals so that you can just swing through and pick up what you want whenever you want. The reality is we are having a hard time keeping meals on the shelves. We encourage you to call ahead and see what we have made, and then you can reserve what you need and/or have us make what you want. If we are out of some of the meals you want and need to make them, we will call you as soon as they are ready for pickup!

  Q: What if I want to customize my meals?
A: We would be happy to make a custom meal for you, such as if you want us to exclude certain ingredients because of allergies or other dietary needs.

  Q: Is it true you have a drive-thru window?
A: Yes, but we don't have the bell mechanism set up yet. If we know you are coming (e.g. you called in a pickup order for a certain time) we will watch for you. If we don't know you are coming and we don't notice you sitting there, just tap on the window, or, as one person did, call us on your cell and make fun of us.

  Q: I thought this was a make-your-own-meals establishment...
A: That's a statement not a question. But seriously, although we started as a make-your-own-meals store, we discovered that MOST people wanted the additional convenience of not having to assemble the meals -- they just wanted to be able to come by and pick them up. Currently there is no price difference between making your meals and buying them pre-made, so why would you want to make your own? If you reeeaaallly want to make your own meals, give us a few days' advance notice and we will set it up for you.

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